Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Devasthana


History ..

Sthala Purana(Lands' Legend)

As myths run, a devotee (Vishweshwara Upadhyaya) was living here, regularly worshipping Lord Ganesha. One day, a Brahmin Vatu (young boy) appeared in his dream and said that he was hungry. Taking Upadhyaya with him, the Vatu disappeared near a stone in Nagachala. Getting surprised by this unusual dream, he started off on the next morning in search of the spot, where the Brahmin boy disappeared in his dream. It was his usual path, which led to a pond, where he used to take his bath, bring sacred water for Abhishekam and collect flowers for worshipping Lord Ganesha. Soon he found the same granite stone, which he witnessed in his dream and was covered by wild flowers giving it a divine appearance. Impressed by this sight, Upadhyaya hurriedly took his bath in the nearby pond and worshipped the deity and offered wild flowers and fruits. He continued to do so for a long time. One day, he saw a cow standing there pouring in milk from her udder on the deity. After this incidence, his devotion became stagnant and worshiped his God with more devotion. People generously donated land on which a straw hut was constructed to enable Upadhyaya to continue his worship. Thus started a new tradition of worship at Kumbhashi, which did not stop at any stage.


12 feet tall Aane Gudde Vinayaka is 'UDBHAVA MURUTHI' (Natural Stone), a single stone in the form of very elephant itself. The Tilak on the forehead is made of Sri Gandha (Sandle Paste) and the God has Swrna Mukha made of 5 Kgs of pure Gold. Rest of the Kavacha (Idol's body) is made of pure Silver.
It is also believed that the statue of Lord Ganapathi is growing every year.

Recent Improvements

The Temple management is hereditary-oriented and presently K Lakshminarayana Upadhyaya and K Vishwambhara Upadhyaya are the trustees and K Sooryanarayana Upadhyaya holds the position of the Dharmadarshi (Managing Trustee). The ancient Temple was renovated in 1985 and a new compound wall, main entrance, tower (Mahagopura), Yajna Mantap, dining hall, guest house, dormitory, water supply and other works were done. In the year 2000, a massive dining hall was completed at a cost of Rs one crore, which also facilitates holding ceremonies. During the last 15 years (1985-2000), various developmental projects amounting to Rs 2.25 crores have been completed and the management also constructed a Temple office and Naivedya Pakashala at an expense of Rs 60 lakhs.
Anegudde Temple has 2 guest houses "Amoda" & "Pramoda" for pilgrims, and a AC cottege for VVIPs